Why Your Goal-Setting Fails

The cause can be expressed in a number of different ways but it always amounts to the same thing. It could be said to be:-

• Expecting a goal setting process to achieve success for you while you wait.

• Imagining a get rich wealth creation system will do it all for you

• Believing you have always been in good place, but still just need to find that winning formula.

But there is more to it than that!

Would you believe it, but the vast majority of get-rich quick schemes actually work! Very few of them are fraudulent scams. Yet when clearly most work, doesn’t it strike you as really odd – and significant – that each method has a trail of people who have failed when trying it.

Could it be that it is not the system at fault at all, but the way people are interacting with it?

Conversely and most fundamental of all, isn’t it undeniably true that not one single system works on its own? And equally, not one single goal, whether, in the mind or written down succeeds of its own accord.

These may sound a desperately elementary statements to make, but unfortunately they are unavoidably true and reflect a self-made trap they fall into.

Yes, of course our success lies to start with in our minds, following our decision and commitment to strive for it through our goal we have set.

But by far the greater part of our potential success lies in our own hands and how we take action. If we are following any formatted system and the detailed instructional notes which accompany many of these offerings, then the psychological moment we transfer ultimate faith in and accountability for our success from ourselves and to a system, we are damned.

The distinction may seem pretty academic, but is absolutely key. But do reflect on it!

We will have reviewed the opportunity. We will have decided on a route to take. We have found a formatted solution in a product or system. We have bought it.. We are now working alone, or working via webinars or interactive programmes with the founder or promoter of the programme.

But note carefully and precisely what happens psychologically when we hit a rock. We blame the programme, because it should be able to solve it but it cannot. We tell ourselves it doesn’t work and we lose faith in it. And the feedback we give ourselves is not a good way to go either!

In fact, if we vest ultimate faith in systems and never ourselves, what happens! We go on buying more and more seemingly infallible products for success, and yet none of them work, because we don’t stay completely accountable.

Always stay ultimately accountable for your future in your mind.

Then tell yourself – with all that done – that now the action must start. Then go and get it done, day by day, week by week and month by month. And do so each step of the way, by reminding yourself of the wonderful motto: “If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me”

Unlike any programme you have encountered Fast Track to Wealth achieves success for more people because the programme addresses your thought processes, your Mindset, whilst we work together on your wealth creation strategy.

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