What is wealth?

Let me try a slightly non-standard answer to that question. Wealth is a measure of your ability to do what you would like to do, when you would like to do it – a measure of your breadth of immediately available choice. Therefore your wealth is determined by the resources you presently own, as everything requires resources.

Where do silver coins – or indeed, any other resources you might own – come from? Where does investment come from? After all, we don’t come into this world with the proverbial silver implement between the teeth. No, we worked for those coins. We spent time and negotiated payment for that time. Why? Because time is valuable.

Early in human history agriculture produced the greatest wealth. Then with tha advent of the industrial revolution manufacture became the source of major wealth. These trands where followed by the age of information.

Present day wealth can come from thousands of avenues held with four principle mediums. Knowledge is however the link and ultimate resource that can direct you to a life of true choice and independence.

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