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The Psychology of Wealth

Book 1

The Psychology of Wealth


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Deep within every individual there is a switch to whatever you desire. Great wisdom teachers throughout the ages have maintained that in order to achieve what you want, this switch needs to be turned on.

The problem is that most people concentrate 100% on strategy. It is the failure to change their personal psychology that prevents there achievement of wealth.

Book 1: The Psychology Of Wealth (131 pages) is your key to unlocking the invisible bars that are holding you back from achieving wealth and a lifestyle of financial freedom.

So often overlooked by almost everyone this book contains undoubtedly the most important information you need to achieve success in wealth creation or any pursuit you choose.

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Even if you have the best tools and strategies available in order to make money, it will be almost impossible to achieve true wealth and financial freedom without the correct mindset and attitude.

The Psychology Of Wealth is an awakening to Financial Freedom that will smash your current conditioning as a financial underachiever. By understanding how most people are programmed and conditioned into being financial under-achievers and good servants of the system, you’ll understand what you have to do in order to break free of the invisible bars that hold you back. Also, by realizing that you are as capable of achieving financial success as anyone else is, you are already half way there.

Every moment of your life you make choices which lead to certain results. Yet most choices are not consciously made and simply spring from habit and ‘normal’ conditioning. Book 1 shows you how to immediately begin improving your results.

You must ask yourself whether your present actions are preparing you for a future based on financial independence and freedom. Or, like most people, are you preparing to continue to live without wealth?

Do you have strategies in place for escaping the ‘rat race’ and obtaining the life you desire or, like most people, are you just continuing to go with the flow down the road to struggle and lack?

In Book 1 of The Infinite Wealth Trilogy, you’ll find the following:

  • Improving your financial success by understanding how you have been conditioned and programmed to perform as a financial underachiever from the day you were born.
  • 3 key behaviors of successful people no matter if it’s in sport, business, charity, health or other endeavors.
  • A blueprint of how to be successful.
  • You’ll also find the basics of creating wealth that they don’t teach in schools or universities.
  • Discover why your present circumstances are the way they are today and why they’re not supporting you to be wealthy?
  • How anyone can change their reality easily and instantly instead of living in a ‘false’ world hoping to be rich tomorrow.
  • The truth of why superannuation or pension funds will not be able to help you retire to a rewarding life of happiness, adventure and comfort in your later years.
  • How to predict whether or not you will achieve financial success in your life.
  • What every person should know about the law of ‘cause and effect’ so that you’ll understand why you must start with the correct wealth psychology.
  • Discover why we are capable of doing so much more, yet most achieve so little!

This is the one book you truly need to unleash you true wealth potential!

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