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The single ability that gives you great wealth



Wealth Consciousness can do that for you. There is nothing else quite like it. And best of all, it is entirely up to you how much you can bring into your life, once you become familiar with its ways.


Never forget this: It’s all to do with you. Nobody else. The power is in your hands. You can do it, you really can. The rich are no different from anyone else. They are just people who want to be well off and have a wealth consciousness.


Now is your chance to be the same. It just requires the decision to become financially free, and a few new and easily learnt abilities. We will look at the most important one of these in this article. But first think about this:


Would an extra $2000 a week coming in, year in year out, for the rest of your life, be useful for you? What about five or ten thousand? People are doing it every day of the week, using this ability.


Imagine being able to spontaneously come up with a brilliant idea that can make you a fortune. Just like that. It springs into your mind effortlessly. Again, a few people have always been able to do that. Now you can be one of them, by learning to do it consciously.


Let’s see what it is. First, we’ll sum up what we’ve understood so far, as we need to build on it:


We have seen in the previous articles that it is absolutely essential you realise your mind is basically a collection of different structures or programs (like a computer). Each part of your life is controlled and directed by a particular program and you have to use the right program for each job.


Just as there is no use using a screwdriver to try to cut a log of wood, (because it’s the wrong tool. You obviously need a saw or an axe), there is no use continuing to use the mind program that has not worked for you in the past, to try to create wealth.


It is utterly and completely useless to try to make more money by slaving or experimenting in the world, if the inner commands for lack still in place.


And, if you don’t have the right tool in the box, in other words the right program in your mind, you must get one, which is where retraining or reskilling yourself is completely unavoidable.


Don’t become one of the people who wakes up one morning to find that they have little or no money and no idea how to make it. As Warren Buffett, for many years the world’s richest man, said: ‘Making money is like sex. It’s not something to leave till your old age!’


Start immediately, as making money is also one of the simplest things in the world to do, as well as being very enjoyable.


So, there is one ability that the most successful people in the world have. It is also an ability used by those who take themselves from no money to a huge fortune.


It is often said that we only use a small fraction of our minds, anywhere from 1% to 10%. Nobody really knows, but certainly everyone agrees that there is a tremendous amount of unused mind power in us all.


Your mind is an unimaginably vast resource that can be applied to anything in your life, including making money. It not only contains your conditioning, which is only a tiny part of it, but it also has a whole range of abilities you never use.


Let’s look at some well-known people, who have accessed this ability, to reveal what it is.


Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple has this almost genius skill of using much more of his mind. He used to give his board meetings sitting in the full lotus posture (the tight crossed legged posture you see used on statues of meditation masters). He is an experienced meditator, an explorer of the inner Universe, and traveled in India as a young man to study the higher things of life.


He now has easy access to his own higher intelligence or superconscious. It is from here that he receives his amazing ideas, as well as the piercing insights about marketing and business success, that has taken Apple Computers, in a couple of decades, from a basket case to the multi-billion dollar giant it is today.


It is now the largest technology company in the world, outstripping Microsoft, and could very soon become the largest company in the world.


This is entirely due to Steve Jobs’ vision and insights. He has these because meditation gives you access to the higher part of the mind. He is able to constantly receive the brilliant perceptions and ideas that have allowed such unprecedented success.


Warren Buffett has access to the same higher intelligence. He values what he calls his ‘thinking time’ above everything else, where he can sit back and allow his higher intelligence to guide him. He insists that this is where his fortune is really made.


Napoleon Hill, the author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, the most popular and longest lasting book on money ever written, also emphasized the need to access this higher intelligence if you want to change your life into one of wealth.


Albert Einstein called this process of receiving ideas and insights from his higher intelligence, his ‘reverie’.


You can research the greatest minds in history and see that they all say the same thing: There is an infinite and awesome intelligence within you, that responds to your call and will fill you with brilliant intuitive knowledge, inspiration and solutions, once you know how to access it and open yourself to it.


You must have access to it if you are to lift yourself from the patterns of the past to the success of your future. It makes the making of money far easier.


You glimpse it occasionally with intuitive flashes and coincidences. It’s always there but in the average person it is unused and untouched and completely unknown.


People sometimes try to come up with new insights, to help them make more money. They rack their brains trying to find the million dollar idea. But they just can’t do it. This is because they are using the ordinary, surface mind. The ordinary mind can only do what it has done so far. Nothing more.


The difference between most people and those who start from nothing, then become enormously rich, is that they are able to access the part of their mind that knows how to make money. This part of the mind already has the understanding in place and the higher intelligence to give you the perfect solution.


It is called their wealth consciousness. It is where all the higher parts of your nature, such as intuition, inspiration, genius, higher powers of the mind, extra sensory perceptions and so on, are stored.


Strangely enough, the wealth consciousness is a faculty that is completely responsive. It will give you what you want. You only have to ask and it will deliver. In fact it will never stop delivering for your entire life. That is its function, just like the hearts function is to beat.


There is nothing more interesting or amazing as the wealth consciousness. When you awaken to it consciously, it is as if an invisible genius has come to help you. You are given what you need to fulfill your desires and your intelligence grows to a new level.


But, it can only respond to what you ask of it. So, if your mind is filled with negativity or ignorance about money, then that is what will be delivered to you. The wealth consciousness doesn’t care. It makes no judgments. It just responds. Does the heart care about the quality of your blood? No, it just pumps.


Life is a consciousness game. The more conscious you become, the more successful you will be.


So, keeping all that in mind, would it be wise for you to awaken the sleeping giant of your own wealth consciousness and use it to give you the ideas and ways to create the money you would like? It is actually essential to use it instead of just relying on the surface mind, which, after all, can only do what it has always done.


You can awaken it at any time. It is very straightforward, because what you will be doing is moving your attention to a part of yourself that is entirely natural.


Wealth consciousness already exists within you and has always responded to your every desire, whether they have been conscious or subconscious, positive or negative, life affirming or life denying.


Your wealth consciousness, just like the rest of your mind, must be trained, so you can use it to receive what you want. Otherwise it will just continue to act on whatever your conditioning happens to be. It has to respond to something, and therefore you need to make sure that what it responds to is life enhancing, as well instructing it to create streams of income.


Now is the time to train yourself to use it for changing your life into one of plenty, comfort, security and permanent wealth. Why wait any longer?


Learn to look within, and open yourself to your most brilliant gift. You will be very pleased you did, as the money ideas and knowledge start to effortlessly flow.


All the best



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