The Secrets of Wealth


The secrets of wealth have been sort throughout the ages.  Knowledge of these secrets alone, have allowed those few who stumble upon them to move from very little wealth to possessing massive fortune in an extremely rapid fashion.


By their very nature these secrets have been the foundation to empires and private fortunes alike.


Surprisingly though the location of these secrets lie not where you would expect to find them. It has been said that the best place to hide, and therefore find anything is right in front of those searching.


Napoleon Hill with his landmark book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ hint to the location of this secret as have many authors and presenters.




The secrets of wealth come in a few paths. The most widely known is through the application of a wealth creation strategy.


There are literally thousands of presenters authors and alike all with a ‘how to’ method of achieving wealth. Even if their methods are sound, the local and larger economies are conducive, you have the right skill sets and a whole world of other factors line up, the chances of you creating sustainable wealth for any length of time from these methods is around 3%.


That’s right, on average only 3 people out of every 100 who attend, sign up, pay good money and invest hours- days- weeks- months even years of effort will actually make any money.


So I think that you will agree ‘the secret of wealth’ is not found in the ‘how to’ courses and methods.




In a similar fashion the ‘follow me’ method also produces very poor results on the whole.


Even though it all sounds very logical and common sense, to follow the path of someone who is already wealthy the results again speck volume against this very popular method.


Perhaps best suited as motivation, reading the story of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet will un-likely produce the next billionaire.




Now at this stage it would easy to become disheartened, even a bit angry or frustrated. You see we are identifying factors that are generally widely accepted as fundaments to wealth creation.


And yes these factors either in part of as a whole will appear in the environment of all of those who have achieved great wealth and by virtue of that be expected to have discovered the secret of wealth.


However these factors are not the secrets to wealth as many people possess all of these factors, work have, are motivated and are still no closer to wealth than the average man.


So what is the factor that separates those who archive great wealth from the millions who simply try?


What are the secrets to wealth?


How can some people seem to without effort or struggle achieve great wealth despite education, financial circumstances or any of the other factors that we so commonly attribute to wealth creation.



Could it be something as simple as common sense so universally accepted as mind set?


Remember how in the beginning of this piece I mentioned that most if not all of the great secrets are found right in-front of your eyes!


Mind set is the one factor that if not in place at the very start of your wealth creation journey will work against you, sabotaging your every effort.


Yes mind set the focus of the mind, opening to wealth conciseness.


As simple, un-sexy and free as any secret could ever be.


Right in front of you, in your language, your thoughts, your behaviors and actions. Most importantly right in-front of you through your results.



Address your mind set and discover the secrets of wealth.


All the best




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