The Secret To Wealth


There is no one secret to wealth but rater the achievement to wealth creation lies in the combination of Strategy, Mindset, Application and Support.


My own journey, even though I already knew much of what was required to create wealth, only took off once I met my mentor. Here the keys of Strategy, Mindset and Application were leveraged by a proven blueprint and the support of someone who personally knew the journey intimately.




There has been so much hype focused around Mindset, Law of Attraction and Manifestation etc that I feel much of the real aspect to Mindset has been lost amid sales focused marketing and people capitalizing on the fears and misunderstandings of most people.


Recent breakthroughs in Neruo- science along with discoveries covering the psychology of the sub-conscious mind now allow a dramatically improved understanding of the power and importance of Mindset in any human endeavor.


Ironically these breakthroughs in understand have draw parallels to works published in the late 1950’s by two pioneers of this science along with some specific ancient understanding now only being seen through the developments of Quantum science.


From this perspective alone the “Secret to Wealth” may not be a secret any long but rather a blueprint to follow step by step, no more complex or mystical than following a recipe for baking a cake.


Evidence of the success of the importance to mindset in the secret to wealth creation can be traced through such classics as ‘Think and Grow Rich’, As a Man Thinketh, The Science of Getting Rich and so on.




Strategy is one aspect of the Secret to Wealth that most people think they have addresses when in-fact a closer look will reveal the opposite.

For many people embarking on the road to financial freedom the journey is provided a seemingly massive head start again through those on sales based marketing (basically people mainly with good intention but only wanting your money) primarily through seminars showing how through one very narrow and particular strategy they have “the” blueprint to wealth.


Without doubt many of these self proclaimed experts have achieved some level of success, usually after years in their niche (that you never hear about) resulting in a period of great reward in usually a short period of time, the 10 year overnight success.


The folly in this very popular so called strategy is that;

  1. You approach this new venture with the exact same mindset that has created limited results in the past. Remember you must create change from the foundations up!
  2. Strategy implies a chosen option in response to current market conditions, a choice that offer the greatest change of success or plays you’re your strengths. These seminars act only on niches regardless of your personal conditions or the market conditions. A common call is that the wonder strategy will work for everyone in all conditions….when you really think about it… does that really seem plausible?


The reality is that the world, nations and regions follow the effects of varying market or economic conditions similar to the cycle of the seasons. To act without respect of this cycle is as fool hardy as to approach a winter’s day as though it were summer.


The secret to wealth is realizing that you can prosper in any market condition only if you have and select the appropriate strategy that best suits the effects of your local, national and world economic conditions.





The third element to the secret of wealth is application. Simply thinking about being rich or just having the best Mindset alone will achieve zero unless you apply what you think and believe.


Remember “Knowledge ids the application of Information”, you don’t know unless you try.


In all goal setting, momentum of some kind is crucial both for feedback and course correction. Without application, without movement or momentum of some kind you only have a theory of wealth creation.


There are many quotes and sayings that centre around the theme that the greatest achievement or success lies in direct proportion to the risk or vulnerability you were prepared to be open to.


Application is you risking that you may be wrong.




Support is the real fast track to success.


On your journey to discover the secret of wealth, the support of someone how has travel the road already is invaluable.


In so many examples perspective can so dramatically alter the meaning we draw from the information that we receive that options seemly impossible before now become reality. With this ‘Support’ is inter-linked with the feedback from application and the strategy we choose.


Again in my own case the support and perspective provided through my mentor provided both great personal challenges and un-calculable value.




The irony to accepting and allowing the fact that there is no single secret to wealth but rather that wealth creation and financial freedom result more from the combination of key factors which include the combination of Strategy, Mindset, Application and Support.


Unfortunately we are so bias to prefer that there exists some mystical and as yet undiscovered Secret to Wealth that we are some vulnerable to the snake oil charmers and marketers of the current times that we spent billions of dollars every year on get rich schemes and wealth creation method that yield, on the whole, incredibly poor results for the majority how join.

The truth is that the secret of wealth require little more that a good plan which is acted upon and adhered to with ideally the support of a coach or mentor who has realized what you are seeking.


Not to sexy, but very dependable.


I wish you all the success in the world on your journey. I have traveled the road from the depths of financial and the associated emotional despair to realize a multi-million dollar portfolio.


The one think I know, through application, is that anyone can achieve what I have. In-fact it is even easier now; there are many good road maps and great support.



Allow your best


Regards Rob

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