How to Manifest Money


Would you like to be someone who has total personal freedom, where you can afford to live your life exactly as you please, where you have constant access to your intuition, creativity, spontaneity and your superconscious mind?


This is only possible if you have learnt how tomanifest the money you require, in the ways you prefer, whenever you like.


Mastery of money is the ability to understand what this extraordinary substance actually is, that drives everyone’s life, and to know how to cause it to do what you want.


It is vital for you to learn to control it – or it will control you.


We have dealt with the ordinary level of what it is you need to do psychologically to change your patterns. Now we will look at the extraordinary level of dealing with money. It encompasses everything to do with what it is to be a human being.


This is the ‘esoteric’ approach, which means ‘for the few’, because its rewards are so astonishing. Yet it is rarely heard about. It is also the fastest way to bring financial change.


You can do in months what takes a person working on an ordinary level, years to achieve.


Just as an artist uses the brushes and paints, an archer bows and arrows and a golfer their balls and clubs, as the ‘vehicles’ in their craft and sports, and to hone themselves to greater skill and perfection, the people on this path use money.


Even if you apply just a few of the methods from it, it will bring you a wealth bonanza, and stun you as to how powerful and effective these techniques are. It is as though a light comes on and the mystery of money is revealed to you for once and for all.


This path was taught in the ancient mystery schools, monasteries and temples of learning. It was these organisations that became the religions and self-knowledge societies of today.


As you can clearly see they are now the richest and longest lasting organisations in the world. Their wealth surpasses anything else, much of it held in secret.


In India a few weeks ago, six cellars were discovered underneath the Kerala Temple, one of millions of temples throughout the country. The cellars were all filled to the brim with treasure. They estimate that there could be at least twenty billion dollars in gold and precious items sitting there. And that is just one temple!


Imagine what is held in the Vatican.


The roots of these religions stretch into every part of society and their links with royalty and the wealthiest corporations and individuals is well known.


In fact, as the evidence shows, it is these organisations that run civiisation. Their public face is that of charity and worship and they do great work in these fields.


But, for the few people at the core of these groups, the accumulation and mastery of money is the main aim, and they have discovered all its secrets.


Do you think it’s a coincidence that those who talk about God and Heaven and Miracles and Spiritual Power and Grace, also happen to be the richest organisations in the world?


They have learnt over centuries the way to use the highest intelligence of life to achieve their financial goals.


Do you think that is an accident, some sort of mistake that wealth pours into their coffers like the Niagara Falls for hundreds and thousands of years?


I can assure you it is a result of deliberate intention. They know how to do it. Money is Power. And if you want to keep the pack of humanity civilized, you need to hold as much power as you can.


They had to master money and learn the secrets of attraction and manifestation if they were to survive and have influence.


By using the accumulation of money in this way, they have understood the greatest secret of all, and now you will too. Even if you only understand a little bit of this mystery, it will be enough to totally transform your life into one of plenty and luxury.


Accumulating money is actually an amazing consciousness raising or even spiritual path you can follow. This is because it is involved in so many parts of each person’s life and their attitudes to money reveal their character more clearly than any therapy will ever do.


Money, in the mystery schools, is actually a representative of something else. This is the key difference and it is vital you really understand this point so you can transcend the mindset of the majority of the population.


Money is a neutral screen onto which you can project any meaning or power whatsoever.  It is nothing more than an agreement that has no intrinsic value in itself. Its value constantly varies with all the currency fluctuations.


Money has no consciousness or decision capability, even though some believe it has, when they say: ‘money please come to me’ or curse it for not coming, or similar remarks.


This attitude creates, in the minds of those who have it, an idea that money is like an independent entity, which is in some way superior to them and that is out of their control. In other words they are a victim to it.


It may seem to have a life of its own, but it obviously doesn’t.


What it is doing at any time is reflecting back to each individual a projection of their own mind. It is the clearest mirror you will ever find. When you learn how to look at it properly, you will realise that it is a representative of everything you cannot see about yourself.


This includes all the ideas you may have about yourself, your attitudes to every part of your life, how you feel about what life has to offer you personally, as well as all the unresolved material you have stored in your subconscious.


In other words, it reflects your identity or, if you prefer, the role you have accepted for yourself in this life.


Because money is such an integral part of everyone’s life, the role dictates the amount you let in. And in some strange way, money responds.


If you have a limited role that requires small amounts of money then that is what will happen to you. The opportunities will not come your way that can take you to wealth. You will always be in the wrong place at the wrong time to receive a surplus of money.


But how can this be? What intelligence is operating that can control your life, as well as the ebb and flow of how much money you can attract?


This is where you move into the metaphysical or spiritual laws of money, which so many of the richest self made people in the world write about and talk about.


This is also the core of the path mentioned earlier that allowed the religions and similar organisations to become so wealthy.


The basis of these metaphysical laws is that all things of a physical or material existence are a result of Mind.


Mind is the organising intelligence, or organising principle that underpins all of creation.


It is the same intelligence that you use to create all the events and circumstances of your life, including your money.


This intelligence is spread throughout the Universe. It is everywhere all of the time. It is in every fibre and cell of your being. It is conscious and knows what it is doing.


Imagine what you could do if you knew how to access this higher intelligence and cause it to draw whatever you want to you.


Fortunately, this intelligence is also a totally responsive medium. It doesn’t judge or demand or manipulate. It just responds to the desires and signals you send it.


You are always already manifesting events in your life already, using this intelligence, whether you are aware of it or not. You already know how to manifest.


It’s not that you are necessarily conscious of the signals you are sending it, because many of them are from your subconscious.


But you are influencing this intelligence constantly with your every thought, word and action. And it is responding. It always has and it always will.


You can see this quite easily in your life.  When you want something badly enough you go into high gear. Your desire builds intensity and emotion. And all the opportunities and coincidences start to pour in.


Even though you are unaware of the process, it continues on. When you apply yourself or commit yourself to something, life responds.


The more intense and stable the idea of your goal or desire, and the more concentrated you are on it, the more quickly it will come to you.


This is where the potency of your mind is far more effective than only taking actions. Time spent working with your mind brings far greater rewards more efficiently than struggling ‘out there’ trying to make it happen. Because your personal mind is totally connected to the higher mind.


This is why it is so important to ensure that you deliberately focus on attracting money and informing yourself of the ways to do it.


This was part of the teachings in the mystery schools and religions – how to intensify your mind. You can see the echoes of this in some of the ordinary paths of meditation.


Because the higher intelligence is constantly responding to and acting upon everything we send out, our first requirement for change is to become conscious of what it is that we are sending out.


If you can become conscious of the signals that you are sending into this life force, into this realm of intelligence, with regards to money (or anything else) then you will be able to eliminate sending out conflicting signals, or signals that bring you a result that you don’t really want.


Most of these signals are below the radar of your ordinary awareness. You need to develop the knack of recognizing them and feeling them, so you can develop control and make sure you are sending out life enhancing instructions.


If you change your signals you can change your world accordingly.  It is as simple as that.


The first step always is: Change your mind structures, and the world will respond.


Secondly, you need to fill your mind with the new and capable behaviours that can easily make you lots of money.


Money is something you are in relationship with. In fact it is a life-long relationship. As with relationships with other people, the more conscious you are of your behaviours the better that relationship will be.


This will include building into your being the abilities to perceive financial opportunities as well as attract them into your life.


Thirdly, you already literally have the whole power of the Universe waiting to respond to your command.  All you have to do is be given the right way to cause it to respond.


This is the path of using money for self-knowledge. This is really what the religions understood. Learn about the higher intelligence and then apply what you have learnt to improve your own life.


And use money as the medium to grow your consciousness.


The Fast Track to Success System


The methods to do these are simple and easy, and in the Fast Track to Success course they are actually done for you.


You will be given the correct techniques to communicate with your higher intelligence and so create your financial life to be what you want it to be.


It will crack the money code for the rest of your life as it covers everything you need to become wealthy.



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