Moving from the incarceration of enculturation to the freedom of a different wisdom

That we’re living in an extremely volatile, uncertain and rapidly changing world is a perception that’s gaining in accuracy. The speed and level of change taking place has no precedence in history. One year, we’re experiencing one of the greatest economic booms of all time and the very next year, we experienced one of the greatest economic collapses of all time; a collapse known as the world financial crisis.

The rich are getting richer more rapidly than ever before, the poor are becoming poorer at an accelerating rate and the dreams of the middle have all but vanished over the past few years. Currently we’re witnessing unexpected and unprecedented developments in many – and often contradictory – political, financial, environmental and personal directions.

Although it is not apparent yet, we’re also witnessing the ‘great cover up’ as political leaders and economic powerhouses of all persuasions attempt to hide the truth of the depth of financial and lifestyle destruction that is still in the pipeline.

However, the extent of this destruction cannot escape people for much longer as many economies and nations wobble at the brink of collapse. The sleight of hand we’ve been witnessing will no longer hold back the floodgates of a financial crisis that promises to be greater than the one triggered in 2007. Mario Raich PhD, Head of the Swiss based Institute for Strategic Innovation, is concerned about the tectonic shifts taking place. He notes that, “World governments are trying to avoid an unnecessary panic; therefore they are not willing to disclose too much insider information. But the first cost cuts, massive lay-offs, abandoned or postponed investments and projects, and closed factories are already a fact. The unemployment in the US and several other countries is rising sharply. Even China is experiencing big problems.”

In their book Beyond: Business and Society in Transformation, both Raich and Nolan observe that, “Strange forces are active in our world. On the surface everything looks normal; nothing seems to be really different. But under the surface many strange things are happening. It may be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or some other day that the silent, invisible, yet fundamental changes will become suddenly visible, and the result will be a significant impact on our lives. However, if we do not identify the hidden part of the iceberg soon, once it is brought to the surface by its own forces, it will be too late. When this happens, our way of viewing the world will change.”

So too will our way of experiencing the world. The changes we’re about to encounter require an extremely important decision from you, perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You have to decide whether you want to continue to deal with the consequences of past problems or focus on the challenges and opportunities that the future is about to dish up. The future will offer two very different realities for people. One involves the financial pain and distress and all the consequences of being ill prepared for what will potentially be termed the second wave of the world financial crisis. The other reality will be experienced by those who position themselves to be financially well informed and nimble on their economic feet.

For the well informed and nimble, the old cliché of ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ is actually a reality. In the coming years, opportunities for accessing the rebuilding of value will be unprecedented. But to take advantage of such opportunities, you’ll have to be learned, observant, resourceful, patient and flexible. With a full heart of confidence, my instincts suggest that the next few years will offer some of the most exciting opportunities for economic and personal freedom for those who are able to take advantage of the coming changes.

Transformation Mastery has been in the wings waiting. It’s been waiting for enough people to become knowledge and emotionally prepared, as well as financially and psychologically resourceful and motivated enough to go after their dreams and come out to play.

While the reasons may not seem apparent yet, over the past few years I have consistently made reference to the notion of play. The words I’ve used have been carefully chosen and the operative word is ‘play’. The further we deleve into Transformation Mastery, the more the word ‘play’ takes on its rightful significance but for now, it’s important to understand that enculturation is designed to prevent ‘play’ from taking place.

Transformation is an invitation to awaken from a deep trance like state. It’s an invitation to be free enough to take advantage of the coming changes. Free enough to come out to play.

Transformation is all about change and whenever we talk about change we have to ask ‘from what’ ‘to what’? The ‘from what’ is relatively simple. It’s moving from a position of servitude achieved through the means of enculturation and conditioning. The results of which are best described by Henry David Thoreau, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

The ‘to what’ is also relatively simple. It means living a lifestyle of purpose, on purpose. It means the absence of physical, emotional, financial, psychological and spiritual constraints to that lifestyle. It includes transcending the conditioning of the civilising society, transcending the identification with an unaware ego, transcending the compulsion to conformity and the unconscious adherence to the unwritten rules and agreements of enculturation.

The freedom I speak of is available through the second order change identified by Clare W Graves. It refers to out of the box thinking and big vision stuff. It’s full steam ahead by challenging the givens, the establishment and the status quo. It’s an adventure of make it or bust yourself trying. Its change that tests assumptions in order to challenge assumptions; its push the boundaries and bulldoze the barriers.

Second order change thrives on chaos rather than order and we’re about to enter a worldwide zone of economic and personal chaos. I’m talking about Clare W Graves UP-shift: which describes a fundamental shift in one’s thinking and value system. It’s the shift in critical mass from one vMeme to a more complex and flexible vMeme. This is where real change takes place. By its very nature, UP-shift is evolutionary and transformative.

Transformation itself is a journey only those who are ready can take and as you read the wisdom of the following authors such a journey will either resonate with you or it will scare you. As always, the choice is yours alone. Before we move on, let’s revisit the ‘from what’ for a few moments.

What do you suppose Thoreau meant by his comment above? Does it have something to do with the observation that very few people ever get to achieve the potential they were born with or experience their dreams? We often hear people expressing a feeling as though they’re living in a rat race, running on a tread mill or going round and round in a hamster’s wheel they can’t seem to get off. Life for them is a bit like that of racing greyhounds. No matter how much nutrition or scientific diet you feed them, no matter how hard you train and exercise them, no matter how much bigger, stronger and faster they become, no matter how much racing technology improves or how much money they make for their owners or how many prizes they win, greyhounds keep on chasing rabbits they can seldom catch. They sacrifice their lives to the chase itself and never gain the prize they seek. If, because of mechanical breakdown, they do catch their prize, they quickly discover that it was an illusion all along.

This is exactly the circumstances under which most people are conditioned to experience their lives. If the time for change is not right for you now, then when will it be? When will you be ready for UP-Shift?

In Money Mastery, we learned that human beings have undergone tens of years of enculturation and conditioning: a processed designed to make citizens good servants of their enculturating society. Enculturation is designed to make people more manageable and more governerable. Not one single aspect of such enculturation is directed towards the possibilities of extraordinary success or the achievement of greater potentials.

Most people are unaware that enculturation is designed to ensure they play a game they can never win. It’s a process designed for holding patterns, mortgages, monotonous ruts and ‘lives of quiet desperation’. Servitude to debt is the ‘normal’ state. Sadly, few people ever achieve a fraction of their true potential. They’re numb to the realization that things could be so different for them. Rather than undertake journeys of explorative change, they follow the instructions of unwritten collective agreements while slowly, quietly and obediently ‘going to their graves with the song still in them’. If you’re on this track, it’s time to get off. If you want more out of life, if there is a grain of recognition here for you, if you want to explore the world of true freedom, then the only question you need to answer is when will you finally break free of the illusion you’ve been living under?

And it is an illusion. Lee Cullum, an American public broadcasting commentator, refers to the present time as, “The Age of Limbo” where we’re trapped in a kind of ‘Twilight Zone’, the void that develops between decaying social and technological ways of thinking and doing and the yet to be established new structures of thinking and doing. Much scholarly research and scientific investigation clearly demonstrates that it’s possible to move beyond the social limitations of enculturation, to move beyond the current capacities of body and mind and transcend Thoreau’s ‘lives of quiet desperation’.

Morrie Shechtman, Chairman of Fifth Wave Leadership, observes that the gap between ‘success and mediocrity’ is growing more rapidly than ever before because some people are accessing new information and ways of thinking while many are not. In the search for rich, meaningful experiences, “Our task”, notes Shechtman, “Is to develop skills for succeeding in a new culture that constantly challenges your belief systems and your core values.” The search for more enriching and meaningful experiences now requires greater self-confidence, more flexibility, more resourcefulness and more self-knowledge than at any previous time in history. It’s time to come out to play!

To receive more of the rewards on offer, to obtain the meaningful richness of purposeful experiences, to feel the accolades of personal success, to benefit from the financial changes ahead and to positively experience the momentous leap forward in social and technological change, it’s of critical importance that you change what you believe and change the way you think. Anything less is counterproductive and will only serve to support the further enmeshment of enculturation.

“We live our lives based on what we believe about the world, ourselves, our capacities and our limits”‘ notes Gregg Braden. If you want to change the expression of your life, then you must change the way you view the world and the beliefs of that world that you’ve been conditioned with. John B Arden PhD, author of Rewire Your Brain, notes that ‘if you want to change your life, you need to change your brain’ otherwise change is not possible because all thoughts will still be running along your previously conditioned neuropathways. If thoughts continue to travel along these pathways, they can only ever lead to the same old results. Braden suggests that, “There’s new evidence that the universe works like a consciousness computer… belief is the code that programs reality”, This means that if you change your beliefs, you change your reality.

What happens if the beliefs you currently use to program your reality with are based on inaccuracies? What kind of reality are you programming? In an exciting body of research, Braden discovered that beliefs which limit your full potential do not need to undergo traumatic shifts; they only need subtle changes. With subtle shifts, it’s possible to catapult yourself beyond your current limits and experience a powerful source of intelligence that can trumpet in a new state of being, awareness and fulfilment.

A word of caution; a subtle shift in beliefs is only possible if you have a big enough reason to want to shift them. Without this reason, beliefs do not change and people remain locked in the incarcerated limbo of ‘quiet desperation’.

Howard Martin, one of the original founders of the Institute of HeartMath, discovered that through the power of your heart’s intelligence, “You can move beyond your limitations into a new reality that allows you to become a more conscious co-creator and true custodian of the planet and its culture.” It’s time to tap into this intelligence. It’s time to come out to play.

While researching why people do what they do, visionary psychologist and social scientist, Clare W Graves came to realise that mankind was preparing for a momentous leap in social and technological change. “This leap would be a mega-change in society which would dwarf all previous changes.” We’re now at that time. As the pace of change soon begins to snowball, there will be those who think they can hide from the mass coming down the hill. Some may even think they can out run it. But neither are real possibilities. We’re tinkering on the precipice of a transformation in ways of thinking and consciousness itself. It promises to ignite social and technological change on a scale that dwarfs all previous contemporary and historical revolutions.

Clare W Graves left us with a model that pointed the way forward, a model that helps us understand the many deep forces in human nature which shape our value systems. He left us with a model that not only lays out a pattern for change but also an exciting trajectory for what’s possible.

Joseph Chilton Pearce implores us to undertake this journey by reclaiming our insight and intelligence, by reclaiming our true creativity and the capacity to think and reason without conflict. “Our problems are largely man-made” says Pearce, “Caused by ignoring nature’s plan.” Its time to reach beyond the limitations we’ve accepted for ourselves and explore the human potentials we’ve yet to develop. Human development, notes Pearce, is designed to follow nature’s biological plan which is a genetically inherent design for open-ended creativity and freedom.

However, enculturation promotes neither creativity nor freedom. Instead it demands obedience, sameness and conformity which inhibit our natural spiritual-creative existence. It demands that people buy into collective agreements and ‘lives of quiet desperation’. As with Graves, Chilton Pearce points the way forward. “Full development, for which we are genetically equipped, is pure creativity, which can only take place by thought being developed as an instrument of insight-intelligence, open to and capable of handling the awesome power of consciousness.”

Those who are governable through ‘one right way thinking’ processes produce the chaos, hostility, confusion, danger, fear and competitive conflict which become the primary driving forces of change itself. It’s time to come out to play.

“Beneath awareness”, observes Pearce, “Culture imprints a negative force field blocking the natural rise of your spirit towards its innate nature, sabotaging your natural abilities. You lose the sense of yourself and your connection to everything. Reverse the unconscious loss of your true being by allowing the intelligence of the heart to take hold and flourish.”

If we develop an awareness of how enculturation fights against nature’s plan, we can learn how to preserve and develop this plan in children and recover it in adults. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, the evolutionary pathway of our fourfold brain and the new science of neurocardiology, the ‘brain’ of the heart, Pearce maintains that we can move beyond fight or flight thinking and take the Gravesian leap into a new consciousness.

Transformational Mastery is an invitation to transcend the limitations of enculturation and experience the tremendous sense of joy and freedom that comes from reclaiming your full potential. As Pearce and others note, “Ours is an incredible age. Not only will we weather our current global crises both personally and socially, our possibilities for transcending these inherent limitations and constraints, and opening to new evolutionary vistas, make this surely the greatest of all times to be around. You contain a built-in predisposition and ability to rise above—a vital adaptive spirit that you have not yet utilized.”

Releasing your potential requires resourcefulness. Some of you may not yet be ready so your task over the coming year is to commit yourself to study, to development, to the production of financial and personal resources and to readiness. Make this a graceful sense of urgency year. Release yourself from the quicksand of ‘content and structure’, break out of the Plot’s grip, surrender your self-defeating egoic stories, allow yourself to be more effective than right, to listen more than speak, to observe more than judge, and to give more than take. Others of you have achieved the necessary space to take on the next stage – the journey home to your true self. It’s time to reverse the unconscious loss of your true potential, your true state of being and allow the intelligence of heart to take hold and flourish. It’s time to regain your freedom. For those who have the courage, it’s time to come out to play.

Transformational consists of two elements Entrepreneurial Mastery and Mind Mastery.

Entrepreneurial Mastery

Entrepreneurial Mastery is all about the ‘how to’ of various financial instruments. In this part of the journey we’ll essentially focus on three entrepreneurial vehicles including business, real estate and shares. (Garry Davis of Specialist Share Education will be our guest mentor) This means rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work.

Not all people need to partake in everything. I expect that you’ll have your own interests and over the coming twelve months you’ll wish to pursue either of the three, all of the three or a combination of the three vehicles. This does not mean that other opportunities or vehicles are excluded, but we’ll have to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach as the year unfolds.

Entrepreneurial Mastery requires an ability to spot key issues and develop the necessary creativity and energy to solve them. According to Raich and Nolan, “Humanity has to rise to the challenge or perish. The question is no longer just “Can we?’’, but “How and when can we?’’

By focusing on any of the three vehicles mentioned above, we’ll concentrate on short term strategies of acquisition, value add and disposal. During the coming unstable times, we must be both nimble and resourceful in producing the necessary cash flow for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery is a step by step process of changing the configuration of your brain. I’ll walk you through the brain’s various structures, how neuro-rigidity sets in and how thoughts, feelings and emotions become hardwired. Neuroscience is showing us how thoughts shape reality but where do our thoughts come from?

You’ll learn how various media and marketing industries manipulate thoughts and feelings to their advantage. You’ll learn how to recognize the patterns you want to change and how to create new, positive habits that will not only dramatically improve your economic results, but allow you to exercise a greater degree of ‘mind over matter’ and live in expanding economic and personal freedom.

Through concentration and repetition of thoughts, neural circuits become ‘hard wired’ so we’ll concentrate on hard wiring circuits of economic and personal freedom.

In addition, conscious manifestation is possible; it’s what I’ve used to get myself into a position personal freedom since 1978 and financial freedom since 1997. In Mind Mastery, I’ll show you the step by step processes I go through, the very step by step processes you can use to facilitate your journey forward.

The future is born in our imagination! It’s the product of our remembered past, our experienced present and our dreamt future. The future we create lies in our ability to anticipate, to think forward and move beyond our addicted selves. ‘Right way thinking’ is not capable of this so you have to move to a more flexible thinking system. The future is created first in our imagination and then experienced in our holographic reality.

What you’ll be in the future depends very much on your present decisions, actions and experiences. But all this is guided by your vision for yourself. Vision can lead to a new and better future so you need to work on your vision, because whether you have a conscious one, or you operate on the unconscious agreements of enculturation, your future is defined by your vision. All change begins with an attitude and a desire to alter your current way of thinking. In order to succeed, one has first to dream and imagine “big” and “different”. This is what a new mindset is all about; this is what ‘beyond’ is all about.

We’re entering a new cycle on a global scale. The world of our parents is not there anymore. Although we may have grown accustomed to it, it’s important to realise that it is no longer there and it’s not what it used to be. We’re teetering on the precipice of many different possible futures, which are changing more quickly than pictures in a kaleidoscope.

“But since we have a choice, the future depends very much on our actions TODAY – NOW. What we are doing today is defining what the future will be!” (Raich and Nolan)

What will your future be?
Do you have the courage for great change?
Do you have the courage to come out to play?

To discover more i invite you to explore the Fast Track to Wealth program run within the Wealth Trilogies

Paul Counsel

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