How to Become Wealthy



This is probably one of the most common questions asked, the problem is it is generally the type of question that is asked by someone who is somewhat on the fence about How to Become Wealthy.



If this upsets you somewhat, cool down because you are now in a space that offers some real potential to Become Wealthy.


What do I have to do to become wealthy? What actions or causes with allow me to become wealthy? These are perhaps more powerful questions if you really what to achieve financial freedom and create real wealth.


You see wealth is the result you wish to achieve; unfortunately we are more aligned to focus on results rather than causes. Where in-fact if we were to focus instead on the causes of wealth we would naturally become wealthy as a result.


So the first step to become wealthy is focus on the causes of wealth and not the result.


This now leads back to an earlier question, what are the causes of wealth?


One of the primary factors that all wealth people have in common is that they own assets.


Here we must be careful because the term ‘assets’ can have mixed meanings for many people. For most people the term asset means their home, cars, furniture, and other physical items. When I refer to assets I mean anything that put money in your pocket.


However from this definition the average family home is not classed as a liability. The financial demands of mortgage repayments, insurances, utilities, maintenance and so on create such a financial depend on your income that at the end of each year the cost of owning that family home is astounding.


Assets that produce income might include an investment property that is rented out and is therefore cash positive. A website, a managed business, precious metals, blue chip stocks or again anything that creates income.


As a top level business coach for many years one of the most accurate sayings I know is ‘that cash is king’. This is also so true if you wish to become wealthy.


So the second step to become wealthy is own assets.


If you look at the results of the average person in most western countries, defiantly the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, you will see that statistically by far the majority of the population never achieves any real level of wealth.


In fact on average only 3% make this level. Surprisingly that average American spends 118% of their life time income (for Australia it is 115%). Yes most people spend more than they actually earn.


To see these facts clearly it starts to become obvious that if you follow the herd you will end up like everyone else- sick, broke, lonely and unhappy.


To become wealthy you have to start going against the herd. When the property boom is in top gear and everyone is buying property- start selling at the top of the market. The same when shares start to explode again look to cash up. Likewise when the market is bottoming look to buy good stocks.


So look at the bigger picture and be aware that we are conditioned to give our money away. Whether that’s through reading more or looking to align yourself with people who are on the same journey as yourself.


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