Achieving Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom requires a different mindset. In our classic college(western) education, we are taught to work for money. Therefore, we put in time to work and then we get our wage. This is the famous time for money swap. However, financial freedom removes the concept of time-and-money-swap and allows an individual to make money work for them.

Achieving financial freedom involves a different shift in lifestyle and overall mindset. While it is easy to think about having more time to invest and create a business, most office workers still find that whatever amount of time that they have should be placed in a routine. A critical step in achieving financial freedom is realising that there are ways to make better use of ones time.

To achieve financial freedom, fundamental attitudes about the concept of money need to be changed. Realizing that money is only a means to achieve an end is one thing. Knowing that no one should be judged depending on the amount of money they own is another. Judging financial freedom as the amount of money held defeats the purpose because in the end, you will not have financial freedom if you are not satisfied with the money that you have. Remember that financial freedom is also a personal perception. This perception is highly related to the level of satisfaction that money brings.

Financial freedom is achieved by following the guidance of someone who has achieved it all before.

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