How To Achieve Your Goals


One of the most common questions I’m asked about assisting in people realize their full potential is “How do I get started?”

It’s probably not going to come as a surprise when I
tell you my usual answer is… “It depends what you
want to achieve.”

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Going through life without any clear goals is not at
all uncommon. But knowing what you want isn’t always
about the big picture… having clear goals will
increase your chances of success in any situation.

Even when getting started with any desired outcome be it wealth creation, improved relationships, increased health, ideal weight, improved business or even finding your purpose, knowledge of your goal is primary to your success.

One of the foundational concepts of change or growth psycology is to
know the specific outcome that you want for yourself.

Just think what would happen if you set out on a
journey without having a destination in mind. As the
saying goes… If you don’t know where you’re going
you’ll end up somewhere else.

Of course, you would end up somewhere – but it it’s
a lot more effective to set out with a destination in
mind together with a plan on how you’ll get there.

So How Do You Set An Outcome?

This may seem obvious, and I’m going to stress it
anyway… The most important thing you should keep in
mind when setting your outcome is to focus on what
you want.

You see, more often than not, lots of people become
so focused on what they don’t want that they sabotage
their success.

For example, people may say “I don’t want to be fat
anymore.”  Or they might say, “I don’t want to be in
this unhappy relationship anymore.”

I’m sure there are good intentions behind these
statements, but because they are expressed as
negatives, they don’t help to create a clear vision
for what you want to accomplish.

It would be like planning a special trip with your
family and saying, “Let’s NOT go to Orlando”

Can you imagine how your family might react? Can you
guess what they might ask? Well, how about… “Where
the heck are we going then?”

How on earth can you pack the right clothes and make
the right travel arrangements unless you know your

So why should it be any different when it comes to
deciding outcomes for yourself?

So if you’ve been saying things like “I don’t want
to be fat anymore” try saying…

“In the next 3 months I will only eat healthy food,
I’ll exercise regularly, I will achieve my ideal weight of” abc” pounds
and gain more energy.”

You will notice that the outcome is measurable (3
months, “abc” pounds) and is stated in the positive. Further this goal also focuses on the causes to achieve the ideal weight goal.

This level of detail will enable your subconscious
to see exactly what needs to be achieved.


Remember the results you achieve will ultimately be the sum total of the majority of the actions and decisions you make.

To Your Success!


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