Here’s How The Infinite Wealth Helps You Eliminate All the Wasted Time And Costly Mistakes Fast Tracking You To the Safest, Surest And Quickest Path To Your Financial Freedom And Vacation Time!!!


For over 14 years the Infinite Wealth Trilogies has provided a proven system that allows smart, but frustrated people looking to create more wealth, more freedom and more choice, quickly consolidate their efforts, eliminate wasted time and money, and fast track real results. So you rake in more money, spend less time and effort (and more time on vacation)… while everything runs (and grows) with amazing professional efficiency.

Our future clients are now leading a life of frustration and long hours. In many cases, these working investors have spent weeks, months and even years in seminars and get rich quick promises that fail to provide much of the knowledge that is crucial to growing a successful wealth portfolio.

This situation leads to well-meaning people creating more stress for themselves and losing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. They soon become frustrated, overwhelmed and find themselves disheartened and making in-effective choices.

We strive to have a long lasting positive impact on society through improving the quality of life and the profitability of these people…

Many good people have followed the dream of any one of thousands of get rich ‘How To ‘Schemes’. They truly believed that they could get there all by themselves. But reality sets in when they realize they are working all of their waking hours, seeing very little of their family and friends and are still not getting everything done and seeing hardly any financial reward. They have created a never-ending cycle that they can’t escape from…

We exist to enable those looking to be more, to have more and to make more profits… to get more time off… and to grow a wealth portfolio they can walk away from without affecting profits. We want them to be able to spend more time on living their lives and enjoying their family and friends. We bring them control over their lives and the certainty that they can achieve their dream of…

Meet The Infinite Wealth Trilogies CEO, Robert Thurston

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Robert Thurston is a self made multi millionaire with a proven track record of producing real wealth results for businesses, private clients and hundreds through his coaching programs.

Author, presenter and founder of The Wealth Trilogies; Thurston combines a unique blend of fundamental business and wealth creation strategies and experience with cutting edge science in the fields of human behavior, psychology and the physiology of success and change . With practical experience and a research background spanning over 14 years Robert has consulted to major corporations, small and medium business, start-ups and hundreds of individuals attaining wealth creation through property, trading, business and online strategies with remarkable results. In a career that has expanded through North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia Robert combines real world experience with a unique perspective of what it take for people to become financially free.