The Key is Knowing How To Turn It On



Welcome to The Wealth Trilogies your Blueprint to Abundance.

Some years ago I was working three jobs, endless hours and I was still Flat Broke, barely avoiding a string of defaults! This pay check to pay check existence was a huge cause of stress on my whole family and the fear of debt kept me awake for more nights than I care to remember.

Fast forward a few years and I am a millionaire! Living life on my terms, with more choice and freedom that I ever thought possible.

So how did this dramatic turn-around take place? and yeah if your skeptical right now that’s good, because I want you to be…

Look I have seen the endless parade of “bright shiny objects” that are on the market too, you know the ones that promise you endless cash and overnight riches…and I guarantee you that what I will share with you here is proven to transform the lives and it can work for anyone no matter what their circumstances.


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Hi…I’m Jack Thurston and it has been a few fantastic years since I made that first million dollars… I have added MANY more millions on top of that but I have also realized something else EXTREMELY profound in the process…


And if there is ONE single thing I could tell someone who wants to build wealth… it’s that I’ve realized that Abundance is our natural state!


In fact rather than needing to do something extra-ordinary to realize wealth we simply have to stop our conditioning which is sabotaging our natural abundant nature…


My passion is teaching people exactly how to do that…


You see although there are many great books, videos and and even high powered courses about wealth creation I always found that there always seemed to be missing a vital ingredient.


Many have mentioned it as “Awareness” or “Consciousness” , Mindfulness or even the “Law of Attraction” but no matter how hard I tried I was always left wondering what exactly these terms mean…let alone how do I achieve these states


Then almost by mistake… I found a manuscript that I had owned for years and completely forgotten about…sort of like finding and old winning lottery ticket that had been packed away…and the rest as they say is history.


But the key is that this text has to put into context and only then does it’s power become blindingly obvious.


You see personal growth, psychology and neuro-science are passions of mine and I have personally attended countless workshops, seminars, courses and retreats let alone digested a library of books, CD’s MP3’s and alike.


And when I combined the two… it was like finally the brakes had been taken off!


The switch had been turned on!


So what I have done is to create a step-by-step blueprint on how to not only create massive wealth in any aspect of your life… but KEEP IT and become financially free at the same time…


You see money, or love or whatever you desire in of itself is not enough, this is why 97% of lottery winners end up worse off within three years of winning their fortune…


It is why Mike Tyson found himself penniless after amassing over 400 million dollars…and it is why so many break up after finding their “true love”.


No matter what your desire, it can only last once you have cleared your conditioned sabotage. 


I call it… the Wealth Blueprint... and if you would like to know more about the EXACT methods I used to go from Flat Broke to a Millionaire in just a few short years…including the contents of that amazing manuscript just click on the button below


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